OurWorld Avatar Game for Girls

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OurWorld is a virtual online world for girls based in a magical place that is located in the sky. The game provides a wide assortment of opportunities, so there is no need for you to ever feel bored. There are various games and activities the game offers throughout the numerous stages. You are also able to create your own character as well as furnish your very own condo, in order to express your style. The game also provides various quests that you will be required to complete in order to gain prizes. You may chat online to other members of ourWorld and participate in interactive activities. The game allows you to occupy you time, while having fun, as well as meet new friends around the world.

You are required to begin by choosing a character as well as naming your character. There is a wide variation of characters to select from, so there is no need to worry. You are also able to recreate the appearance of your character throughout the entire game, so when it comes to style, your character never has to be left behind. The various categories you are able to adjust include the following:

  • Bottoms
  • Tops
  • One piece
  • Coats
  • Head
  • Hair
  • Accessories
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Special

You will also be given your very own place, called a condo, which you are able to refurnish according to your style as well as adjust existing furniture to your preference.

Flow will be rewarded throughout the game as a result of participating in the various games and activities on offer in every stage. In order to use your flow to gain coins, additional prizes as well as to level up and unlock the other stages, you may click on the flow button found in the bottom left corner of you screen. When you click on the flow button, you will be presented with 3 options available to you. “THE PRIZEWHEEL” and “The Bubbler” are both games where you are able to win coins and added prizes, such as clothing and furniture, as well as level up. “THE DAILY JACKPOT”, may be entered once daily. Here you stand a chance to win large amounts of coins and prizes.

This game provides a great deal of entertainment such as Slideshow, located in The Boardwalk stage. Here you are able to choose from 5 different theatres such as the following:

  • ourWorld
  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • Pets & Animals
  • Random

You may watch various video clips here that will provide a good case of nonstop comedy. There is a large variety of clips to choose from, so there is plenty for you to watch that will keep you entertained in the luxury of your own home as well as cater to your taste in films.

Dance planet and Battle Station, located in the Beat Street stage; is another fun form of entertainment that ourWorld has to offer and is guaranteed to also provide endless hours of entertainment. Battle Station, allows you to interact with other members online, by participating in a dance-off competition, where you are able to bust some outstanding dance moves. In order to challenge another member to a dance-off, click on the desired character in order to view their mini profile, and then click on the dance-off icon. On the stage, the dance-off will begin. You are able to click on the icons, located on the left in order to perform a dance move. The level of the move is also indicated below the move. If you win the dance-off competition, you will earn coins, which will assist you in your purchases. You will also earn flow as a result of participating in the game. If you have a competitive streak in you, or just like to challenge yourself, then aim for a place at the top of the leaderboard.

Dance Planet is again another fun dance game for your enjoyment. Here, you have a choice of numerous songs, which depend on the level of difficulty you have chosen. There are 7 different levels the game has to offer, which range from 1, being easy to 7, being difficult. In order to dance, you need to tap the various buttons required, according to the keys indicated for each song. These keys include the spacebar as well as the arrows on your keyboard. At times, you may be required to tap the keys more than once, or a long one, as well as tap two keys simultaneously. Again participating in this game will earn you flow. During this Dance Planet challenge, you may also earn additional moves that may be useful later on, in other aspects of the game.

Rock ‘n Roll, which may be found in the Electric Avenue stage, is once again a fantastic form of entertainment. Rock ‘n Roll is a game of pool, where you are able to choose whether to play an 8 ball or a 9 ball game. You are also given the option to play with another player or simply shoot some balls on your own. In order to play with a partner, look for a green circle displayed below the character. This indicates that the player is al so looking for a partner. Click on the desired player and select the group button. If a red circle is displayed below the character, it indicates that they are not currently looking for a partner. In order to adjust your pool cue, use your mouse to drag the cue and position it. You are then able to use then able to use the arrows to provide more or less power to your shot. To shoot, press you spacebar key. You may also use the white circle on the left, to create different effects with your shot. These include normal shot, follow shot, right side shot, left side shot and backwards shot. This is bound to provide endless hours of fun and entertainment, as you attempt to sick as many balls as possible.

Many aspects of ourWorld, allow you to present your competitive side as well as allow you to merely challenge yourself. There is no doubt that the game provides a great deal of entertainment and there is certainly enough entertainment to keep you occupied for a vast amount of time. The forms of entertainment provided by ourWorld do not physically cost you money and therefore regardless of your financial status, you are able to participate in many fun activities free of charge. From dance competitions to pool and slide show clips, there is undoubtedly something for everyone. So why wait, immerse yourself in the virtual world and begin you online life today.