Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour

Take the Fashion Tour of Your Life

With each new season comes a new fashion and this is your chance to influence the upcoming season by showing off your originality and flare. This game will set you apart from other top Designers as you travel to the fashion capitals of the world show casing your state of the art designs and setting a trend for the new season. It provides you the flexibility of freedom across all race, color and creed putting you in the spotlight as the best. It is time to show the world how to dress for success!

As you advance through the game, you will stage top fashion shows in the fashion capitals of:

  • Tokyo
  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • Barcelona
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angles
  • Jakarta
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Paris

Within each city, there are 10 stages which you will be required to complete. Your models are both male and female and you will be required to dress them according to their labeled style. The styles vary according to the cities but no need to panic as these are all explained to you in detail which increases your fashion knowledge. Be sure to take note of the various styles as these are used during the course of the game and will affect your score rating. There are welcoming pop-up assistants who give their opinions about your dress form. You will have time to take their advice or stick with your own dress sense. There is also a time limit to sending each model out onto the runway and this tests your sense of self -confidence in achieving the required look on time.

It is a user friendly game with a HELP facility confirming the different notions of the game such as:

  • The basics – how to send your models out onto the runway
  • Scores – show stars and signature outfits
  • Styles
  • Chaining – sending out multiple models for bonus points; also style chaining
  • Power-ups
  • Challenges
  • Design clothes – using the various facilities to create awesome outfits

Should you wish to take a break, there is also PAUSE button available. The game has a simplistic dressing style, using the ‘drag and drop' option therefore allowing you to entirely deliberate on the design. Be sure to study the various HELP facilities as they contain tips on accumulating additional bonus points.

Once your model is out on the catwalk, the judging will begin. This is broken down into 3 basic categories:

  • Shirt
  • Pants/skirt
  • Shoes

Accessories are also available for your use but are not enforced. However bonus points are scored if you use them correctly for the numerous styles so it is worthwhile to take these into consideration in order to attain the best possible score. As your models advance through the several stages within each destination, the points are accumulated. In order to reach the next level, you must accomplish a ‘3-star' rated show. With an eye for color and flare, this is easily achievable. But aim high as the best is a ‘5-star' show and with flare and creativity you can reach for the maximum stars. This will reflect your natural talent as an international Fashion Designer.

The styles vary according to the cities. Tokyo has a definite Asian influence while others fit different genres with their own individual influences:

  • Kimono Krazy – combines traditional and modern kimono styles that are perfect for either a Japanese tea ceremony or a night at the sumo matches.
  • Tokyo Street – this ultra-individualist look mixes current and traditional western styles, including hip-hop, high fashion and punk.
  • Gothic Loli – f use the dark, Gothic aesthetic with youthful Victorian era fashion. Think little Bo Peep at a funeral.
  • Loli – t he Loli fashion fuses Victorian children's clothing with an elegant, ornate aesthetic. Perfect for mopping at the Mall.
  • Urban Rasta – f eel the love with a style that combines political activism with partying on the beach.
  • Provocative – t urn heads with plunging necklines, high cut skirts and form fitting pieces.

Barcelona is another popular choice with styles such as:

  • Flamenco – No matter what the look, the flamenco dress must possess a simple elegance and appeal.
  • Bullfighter – Bullfighting fashion goes main stream, bringing with it intricate, embodied jackets and bright colors.
  • Barcelona Street – Unique, but not over the top. A combination of vintage and casual pieces is what's in favor with Barcelona's fashion conscious.

It is important to envisage the various styles when dressing your models as this will influence the judge's scores thus helping you to achieve the maximum score. Each style possesses its own characteristics.

With each new city, new styles emerge and the fashion takes on a whole new look as your knowledge in styling broadens. Discover the city that you fit into. Jojo's Fashion Show World Tour is constantly opening new doors thus keeping you spellbound as you progress. It is as good a re minder as any of how stylish a city really is.

Bury yourself in fashion and you will soon forget that this is simply a game!

Download Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour (Windows) Download Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour (Mac)