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Good Game Fashion Review

Good Game Fashion is a sociable 2D girls online fashion game by Good Game Studios which enables any player to set up their own little clothing boutique and also to step inside the world of a promising designer. It is an expansion of all popular and trendy themed shopping games where you can simply navigate your way through the two worlds whilst you design the hottest styles and flog them on to the crowds.

You will set up your own design boutique and begin to make clothing lines for both men and women that reveal your individual fashion style. You can mix and match gorgeous patterns or even colourful shades and purchase all the best supplies. Create your own revolutionary garments that look better than top class designs such as Jasper Conran. A good imagination and being able to pay a lot of attention to as much detail as possible will help you to go extremely far in this exclusive dress up, design and makeover inspired game.

Run your own Boutique and create your own fashion: Gameplay

A lot of the gameplay revolves around completing various design projects that are known as tasks. You will start out inside a small boutique with two Seamstresses, a Sales Assistant and a mannequin that you can use. If you click onto your employees, all your tasks will be clearly revealed to you. Often, you will get plenty of customers who will require your assistance. You can request your Seamstresses to make various outfits for customers that feature diverse patterns. The tasks in this game are remarkably easy which means that the game will appeal to any age group. 

You will have to carefully select an item of clothing that you want to make from a comprehensive catalogue that range from basic t-shirts to more elaborate and detailed dresses. Once you have chosen your desired patterns for both tops or bottoms and chosen the colour of clothing you want, you can instruct your hard working   Seamstresses to make the actual  clothes for you. 

Each item of clothing has its own fixed assembly time as well as payment award. This could take between 15 minutes to 10 hours to finish, and you will be extremely happy with the end product.  After the clothing has been made, you will get to display it on your mannequin or put it neatly on the shelves inside your boutique. As you make progress through the levels, the outfits get more elaborate and can take longer to make. Clothing with long production times becomes much more regular, which makes the actual gameplay a lot slower at certain times.  Although, you use this time to redecorate your boutique so that it looks the part and attracts more customers.

User Interface and Controls

You get the chance to create a unique look for your own character to start the game off and have the option to change your style whenever you want.  This is a delightful feature that adds some additional excitement to the overall gameplay. Each item of clothing that you create will be saved inside the relevant area.   All it takes is a modest click to select a pattern, display your clothing inside your boutique, dress up your manikin or redecorate your shop.  

Each style that you manage to create can be included into your showroom and the attire inside in your own exclusive boutique. The interface is easy to utilise and has been organized well so that you can navigate backwards and forwards without any difficulties. You get to make all your clothes simply by clicking onto the items that you want and then clicking on your Seamstresses.  As for the decorating element, it works in exactly the same way.  Use your mouse to select and change things around in your boutique to make it look fabulous.  If only life was really that simple hey!

Neat Graphics

girls online fashion game: great visuals

The 2D game graphics fit neatly within the overall theme of this game. Inside the boutique area, you will find plenty of funky details, cut-out fabrics, colour palettes, and other kits that you can purchase. The majority of the clothing items can be bought with cash inside the game, however, a few of the finest details will cost you some Facebook Credits.

You can redecorate your boutique to make it look more appealing to all your customers.  The decoration options are more than adequate to give your shop an exclusive look and design.  Add some plants, change your floorboards or even paint your walls.  You will always find the time to change things round a bit whilst you wait for your Seamstresses to design your clothes.  It fills that time gap nicely so you will not find yourself twiddling your thumbs and wondering what to do.


The themed sound effect is a funky, hip techno like rhythm, and it plays non-stop whilst you create your own masterpieces. It doesn’t sound over the top, and neither is it distracting in any way.   You will be able to hear a few gentle clinks, some dings and some very soft stitching sounds during production.   Every time you click your mouse, it will echo a strange card swiping effect. You will also hear bubble like noises each time you collect XP or money after you have completed certain tasks. Although, you do not get that much variety when it comes to unique sounds that indicate that your Seamstresses are working hard and getting their imaginative juices flowing.  At the moment, you have to position your mouse over them if you want to find out if they are sewing or waiting to do the next task.  It would have been nice to have heard some distinct sounds so that you could distinguish between the two.

The Bad Things

The loading time is a bit slow at times, which can get a bit annoying.

The game lacks a bit of variety – and could do with having at least one more activity so that you feel that you have ample things to do.  For instance, it would have been great to be able to arrange an exclusive launch day, dress up some trainee models and arrange some fashion shows at your own boutique. 

Limited social aspect - The sociable multiplayer elements do not offer any real incentives to visit your new friends, apart from a few gifts here and there. 

The Good Things

The game has impressive and immensely detailed visual illustrations. All the characters look gorgeous and would easily pass as top stylists in real life.  Plus, the music is majorly stylish and upbeat.

The gameplay provides charming activities that keep you hooked for ages.

The game works remarkably well on the internet, and we did not experience any serious technical issues, apart from the loading time.

You get a good range of clothing to choose from that does not cost you real money.

Final Verdict

We believe that this is a fantastic online free fashion design game for girls. You will be able to dig deeply into the world of the fashion trade as a new boutique owner and make lots of clothing items from scratch utilising sophisticated detail and patterns for many trendy and delightful customers.  You will thoroughly enjoy being able to enhance your own reputation and including some new outfits to your already-existing shop. The sociable multiplayer elements could do with a bit of a revamp because there are no true incentives to go and visit your friends. Players mainly share their clothing ideas with one another and exchange a few simple gifts; nevertheless, the designing choices are that good that they actually compensate for this tiny flaw. Furthermore, it could do with having one more exciting activity just to vary things a little bit.

Nevertheless, if you put aside the few minor issues, Good Game Studios have made an excellent online fashion game to play if you haven’t picked it up already.  If you’re into designing, fashion, redecorating as well as shopping, then this game is undoubtedly right for you. It has that wow factor and will keep you going back for more.

We give this game an 8/10

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