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Couture fashion is considered to be limited to the runways and celebrities who starve themselves to look good in these fashions. Yet this doesn’t have to be the case. The majority of society wants to look good, however are not able to fit into a size zero. Hollywood may be known for its catwalk runway shows and a never ending amount of celebrities, but what about the averaged sized Hollywood resident. Who caters for the producers, directors, make-up artists, and wardrobe designers? This is where Risha sees a cap in the market, and she is determined to prove that there is an increasingly large number of normal sized people in Hollywood, who want to look glamorous too. Fashion Forward, is a game that allows you to use you style and creativity to purchase looks that you believe residents of Hollywood, would like to wear. Not only are you able to select the style of clothing, but you are also able to redecorate the interior of the store. As a result, customers are kept happy and entertained, and Risha’s store continues to generate a profit. As the famous saying goes, “I don’t do fashion, I am fashion” – Coco Channel.

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Fashion Forward begins by asking you to enter your player name and then proceed by selecting “OK”.

You will see 5 options on the right hand side of your screen, which include the following:


  • Continue
  • New Game
    • Timed mode – Play the game with a time limit. You can switch modes later if you want to. During this mode, you are given 1 minute to reach your goal and progress to the next level. However, if you exceed the goal and still have time available, you can keep going in an attempt to reach the superstar goal and earn additional cash. You are also able to monitor your time by looking at the clock located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
    • Relaxed mode – Play the game with no time limit. You can switch modes later if you want to. During this mode, you are not under any time constraints and therefore can take your time in helping customer. However, make sure that you don’t take too long, as customers become impatient and it will result in them leaving and you losing out on that customer’s money.
    • Back
  • Load Game
  • Back

High Scores

This allows you to see all the high scores in numerical order. Therefore, if you would like to play the game numerous times, you are able to enter various names each time and attempt to beat your score.


  • Sound volume
  • Music volume
  • 3D mode
  • Full screen
  • Custom cursor
  • Relaxed mode


Quit Game

Starting Out

Once you have selected your options above, you will appear in Risha’s Workshop. Click on the “Play” button to go to the next level. You can also replay levels by clicking on the flashing icons.

First, click on your customer to let them know you are ready to find what they want. Find each customer and what they require, by clicking on the customer and then selecting the item they require. You may click on more than one item at a time in order to speed up your customer service. Once you have selected all the required items, click on the same customer again, in order to deliver the items. Once the customer has received the goods, they will leave money on at the place where they were standing, don’t forget to collect the money. The faster you are able to grab the money off the tables, the more room you have available for more customers. This will allow you to reach your target and therefore continue to the next level. Risha is determined to make a huge success of her clothing line for the average sized L.A citizens. She says that an aggressive Social Media Campaign should get the word about her fashions out to the hip and savvy crowd. The next step is purchasing new clothing that will be sold in Risha’s store.

Trophies and Achievements

The game allows you to earn trophies and achievements as you progress through the various stages, which each stage consists of a day and the entire game makes up 60 days. In order to view the details of your achievements, hold the cursor over each item that you have earned. Throughout the game there are numerous ways that you are able to achieve these awards. Awards and trophies may be won for a few of the following reasons.

  1. Earning 1000 points.
  2. Triggering the clearance bonus 5 times in one level.
  3. Interior upgrades.
  4. Upgrading wrapping stations.

These are only a few of the many awards that may be won through the 60 days.

Mini Games

As you progress through the 60 days, you will encounter two types of mini-games, which occur approximately every fourth day.

  1. – You’re nobody until you have a domain name! Risha’s personal clothing line, now available through her web store, is the latest buzz among celebrities and civilians alike. That means big orders, so fill the shipping boxes to send out to eager customers ASAP.
  • Your task is to put items into the appropriately colored boxes. Items added after the quota is reached, will gain additional money. You are only allowed to make three mistakes. You are also only allowed to carry 1 item at a time.
  1. Fashion Puzzle – After sketching, patternmaking, measuring, and cutting comes the best part of fashion design: putting the pieces together and watching your ideas come to life. It takes an expert hand to create the perfect fit, and Risha can’t finish every garment herself. She’s counting on you to do it right.
  • Your task is to assemble the garment as quickly as possible.

As your progress through the stages of Fashion Forward, these two games will begin to get progressively more challenging. You will be put under time constraints and will need to accomplish these tasks under a great deal of pressure. You may also skip over the mini-games, but be sure to come back to them at a later stage, as the money you earn might be able to buy you some great upgrades. As the levels increase in the game, the customers also begin to become more and more impatient, however the tips do tend to increase.

Success Measured

At the end of every day, your success is measured. Four factors are taken into account when measuring your daily success. These include:

  1. Goods Delivered
  2. Goods Lost
  3. Level Tips Earned
  4. Shop Total

You will also be provided with a hint at the end of each day, which is located on your success card. These hints will assist you and clarify certain concepts and issues that you will encounter throughout the game.

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