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What We'd Love to See if there was a Fashion Forward 2

If you have ever dreamt of being a big fashion icon in Hollywood, where you have your own fabulous fashion line, well this game allows you that opportunity. In a city where there hasn’t been a size 12 since 1983, it is your opportunity to provide averaged sized customers with boutique style fashions. With a love for brand spanking new business, there is endless opportunity. Ensure that the store is a hit in Hollywood, where not everyone is unthinkably thin and starves themselves to fit into the latest trends. Risha, with the help of you is about to change the way that L.A. residents and members of the fashion industry view beautiful and stylish.

Design Your Own Clothing

Although fashion forward provides you with items of clothing to choose from in order to create an outfit, of which you purchase and therefore is showcased in the store, it would be a great addition if you could also design your own clothing line. As a result of designing your own clothing, such as choosing a style, color and texture for an item of clothing, it allows you to express your style, creativity and individuality a great deal more.

Buy Individual Items

With regard to the purchasing of outfits for Fashion Forward 2, I think it would be fantastic if you could simply purchase one item at, rather than an entire look. This will allow you to purchase items that you want for less money and allow you to choose certain items, while you are waiting for more items to appear as you progress through the levels. Another great addition would be a kids clothing line. This could range from babies to teens and allow for another whole range of cute and fun items. It would also give the game more variety, as you will have a wider range of customers, with a wider range of needs.

More Fashion Mini Games for a Welcome Break

Another addition that could be made to the game, in order to stop it from being too repetitive, is offering additional mini-games that vary from the existing two games. Currently, Fashion Forward only provides games with and Fashion Puzzle min-games. These mini-games are played consecutively throughout Fashion forward and as a result become repetitive. Instead of having the same repetitive mini-games that only increase in difficulty, it would be nice to have various mini-games to play each time. You are also able to go back to one of the mini-games and play it as many times as you please and therefore it is not really necessary to have the mini-games are repeated throughout the game.

Re-Design the Shop Interior

Another great addition to the game, would be allowing you to redesign the shop interior by changing and rearranging the layout. It could also provide you with more options with regard to the various shop fittings and as a result, allow your personality to shine through in the interior design of the shop. Fashion forward only allows you purchase 7 options with regard to the interior and equipment for the store. Various adjustments could include moving the clothing rails, choosing from a couple of different shaped clothing rails, where the lights and rug are situated, as well as more shapes and colors available. You could also be allowed to decorate the store in order to celebrate various events or national holidays. This may also be seen as a marketing tool that is used to attract customers to your store. An example of an event could be celebrating the stores birthday. Here you could decorate the store with chosen colored balloons and streamers, choose a cake that will be on offer for customers and have fun decorating the store in the design and colors of your choice. This is yet another way of allowing you to make use of your creativity.

More Models to Choose From

Currently, Fashion Forward does not provide you with any choice in models. You are only provided with one female and one male model when you are choosing your outfits. A fun way to improve the game and keep it interesting is by providing various male and female models of which you are able to choose from when considering purchasing various outfits and items. A way to make it more challenging would also be to dress the models and purchase the items of clothing, according to the customers’ requests.

Organise Fashion Shows

In order to break away from the repetition of the game, where the stages are extremely similar, you could host certain events during a few stages in order to make things more interesting and different. For example during one of the stages, you could host an event such as a fashion show, where you are able to choose and dress the normal sized models, with the range of clothes that you stock in the store. This would allow the gamer to move away from the routine of assisting customers, and allows you to showcase your designs and collections in other fun ways.

Travel to and Work In New Stores

Another way to create change and fun with regard to the game is incorporating a travelling store. This would help to provide change as the look of each store will vary with the various cities that you visit. It would also allow you to make signature changes to each specific store and begin selling your items to an entirely different range of customers in each city that you visit.  This will keep things interesting as you will constantly need to learn how to deal with different customers. Another fun and challenging option could include a description of each city that you visit and then require you to design and decorate the interior to incorporate the city that the shop is situated in. Again, this will lead you to make every store unique, while challenging you and allowing you to use your creativity.


Although fashion forward is a current hit, which is able to keep you gripped for hours, days, and weeks, there is also a great deal space for addition and improvements in the following sequel of Fashion Forward. Fashion Forward already offers gamers a wide variety of options, yet with the above additions, the following sequel will be sure to take the game to another level of fun, entertainment, excitement and pure exhilaration. If Sandlot did develop Fashion Forward 2 and applied some of our recommended features it would be sure to be a great hit with girls who love all things fashion.

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