Fashion Designer: New York

Fashion Designer New York: A game for every girl who has an inner style flare

FASHION - best described by the noun, "A popular trend, especially in styles of dress, ornament or behavior", but let's face the facts, fashion is a way for women to express themselves, without saying a word, it is part of our genetic makeup and we long to look fabulous constantly. In a world where we are exposed to fashion on a daily basis, as women we can't help but be intrigued by it and eager to explore a world of fashion that consumes a great deal of our daily lives.

Fashion is a statement that reflects our personality. These personalities may range from conservative to outrageous. If your personality borders on conservative, then this is definitely the game for you as you can 'let your hair down' and do what your inhibition has been holding back all this time. Have you longed to be labelled 'trendy and fashionable'? Well now is your opportunity to succeed.

Perhaps your budget to experiment with fashion may have been limited but regardless of your situation, this game will bring out the artist in you. It is for all shapes, sizes and multicultural groups with no limitations. It is an easy way to express your inner fashion icon, while shopping in 'the Big Apple' and achieving your dream!

The game, Fashion Designer New York, allows you into the fantasy world of many celebrities and their trendy New York shops and high fashion boutiques. From Time Square to 5th avenue, the shops provide a wide range of items to choose from in order to maximize the appearance of your models.

It is a game suitable for all ages and one that will keep you entertained for hours. From dressy to professional to casual, this game has it all, allowing you to shop at the best shops in New York City. As a result of the three different categories of style, you are able to express yourself in various ways and show the numerous sides of your personality, through your choice of outfits. Not only do you get to dress your models, but you also get to create the name of your collection, allowing you to use all aspects of your creativity.

Go backstage and choose from a wide range of stunning models and dress them for the runway at a New York fashion show. Not only do you get to choose from a wide range of clothing and accessories, but you also get to choose from numerous hair styles to what make up your model will wear, thus allowing your flare as fashion designer, hairdresser and make-up artist to be released.

You will be given feedback on the overall appearance of your models as well as critiqued on your overall look before sending your models down the runway to be rated on the success of your complete look. You will receive a rating out of 5 for each model's overall appearance, which was carefully put together by you, the fashion icon. As your game skills and confidence grow, so should your score levels making you the ultimate fashion designer.

The game is free, simple and will keep you immersed in it for hours. It allows you the freedom of expression and exposes your flare and talent for fashion. All this is offered to you while relaxing in the comfort of your own home and having fun, allowing your imagination to run wild. Indulge yourself in a world of fashion and fantasy without spending a penny.

Like the fashion world version the game allows you to explore different outfits and the feedback you receive, from a fashion critic, once you have assembled the outfits, is realistic and professional. This may indeed help you when deciding what you should wear for various occasions as well as what make up and accessories are suitable, for certain occasions.

Fulfill the desire to be a trend setter at fashion week, brushing shoulders with the rich and famous. Become an instant success over night and feel the adrenalin rush from the media as they keenly a wait for your next fashion show. Launch your own fashion brand allowing your designs to be labeled the best in the fashion world.

Quite simply said, it is your opportunity to 'dress for success'!